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What's Hanging In The Balance For You This Victorian Election?
Do You Know The Risks And Choices?







    Are you?

  • Noticing something is wrong in our state, trauma is widespread, people are edgy? ...

  • Feeling nervous about the growing chaos in our public services and systems? ...

  • Uncertain about your family's security and future prospects in Victoria - career, a home, business? ...

  • Reassessing for the very first time your usual party vote? ...

  • Then this Program is for you. At this live online, interactive event you will learn:

  • How Victoria's electoral system works (different from all states and federal),

  • The state of Victoria after 8 years of one government,

  • The extent and severity or legal penalties that negate our natural rights,


  • WHAT you can do to make a change by learning HOW to vote your values in.

  • FREE Registration BONUS Masterclass! (Value $87)
    "Democracy In Australia"

    Presented by Erik Peacock, Public Policy Analyst
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    By the end of this 2-day program, you’ll know HOW to direct your vote so it lands where you intended. You'll also be EQUIPPED to confidently help your friends and family with clear information. 

    Uncertainty is increasing around us and recent intrusive State Government legislation is causing distress and unrest...

    This State election is all the more critical to our individual and collective future. Good governance is vital... Where can you find this among the competing candidates and parties?   

    The job of governments is to run a few things, and then get out of our way while we make a good life. In Australia, we also want governments to give a hand up to those who can't help themselves... 

    But many say this government has overstepped the mark. 

    This election brings us new choices ... 

    In this election education program, you will get a thoroughly researchedfair and factual picture of the reality Victoria is now in. And how you can help make a change with your vote for values.  


    Let's make Victoria fair again.  

    Discover what's hanging at risk for you with this November election … and what you can do about it. 

    Join us for 

    2x Powerful 60-Minute Sessions Over 2 Days, featuring Expert Guest spots.


    (Can't Be Present Live? We Will Provide You Replays)


  • you’ll know HOW to make your vote work to get values-respecting politicians elected;

  • And EQUIPPED in how to help others to do the same.


JOIN US - Liz Blake, Lateral Insights - Political Analyst | Educational Leadership Consultant | Creator of 'Making Political History' Political Education Program

 Monica Smit, Founder of Reignite Democracy Australia, Reignite World Freedom. 

I Want My Vote To Be Effective For Our Future
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~ Meet Your Hosts ~

Expert Guests Announced By Email 

Your Host 

Liz Blake

  • Over Over 30 years’ experience in entrepreneurship, leadership and team development, executive coaching and business mentoring.

  • Online Marketing Consulting, specialising in the industry-leading methodology.

  • Recent BA with Distinction, majors in Politics and Policy, International Relations. Invited into Honors and Melbourne University Masters Program.  

  • Built an international multi-award winning sales movement throughout Australia and New Zealand from a rural home base. 

  • Multiple reinventions - specialist IT Recruiter; VET & Higher Ed. Educator. 

Your Co-Host

Monica Smit

  • In just two years, Monica built a dynamic grassroots initiative throughout Australia and one of the largest online audiences.

  • Monica became a global voice from Australia after two years of fighting for human rights through the lockdowns. She now heads up a Global grassroots initiative and collaborates with key international influencers and national groups.

  • Monica's energetic leadership has brought together many fragmented communities whilst building a strategic network with politicians, lobby groups and influencers.

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The 2-Day Vote Your Values In Program

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